The Pocket Gallery

The Pocket Gallery is a small display space in Clifford Carl Hall, on the main floor of the Royal BC Museum. 

The gallery showcases the little-seen behind-the-scenes work of the Royal BC Museum. 

Featured displays are great opportunities for visitors to see how individual staff members explore innovative, provocative and sometimes revelatory ideas, drawing on collections, research, partnerships and programmes that you might otherwise know very little about.  

Pocket Gallery displays change regularly, as Royal BC Museum professionals continually pitch fresh ideas and focus on new projects.  Access to the Pocket Gallery is free to all visitors.  

The Pocket Gallery is supported by Helijet.

Currently featured in the Pocket Gallery

Learning Everywhere

Open January 8, 2019

Learning in the museum and archives has evolved over the past 132 years and continues to do so.

The twin pillars of progressive education—learning through hands-on activities that also engage the mind and providing access for all—are as relevant and appropriate today as they were for the earliest museum educators.

Learning in the 21st century is about curiosity, communication, collaboration and creativity. For museums, that means letting visitors’ questions lead and recognizing that we are members of a broader community of learners.

This small-scale, temporary exhibition celebrates learning as a continuum throughout our history.

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