Hire a Professional Researcher

If you are unable to visit the BC Archives but need research conducted on site, consider hiring an independent, professional researcher.


Listing in this register does not constitute accreditation by the BC Archives. Any agreement for research must be solely between the client and the professional. Please contact researcher(s) directly.

Researcher Areas of Specialty
Aevum Archives and Research Services (Margery Hadley)
202 – 75 Songhees Road
Victoria BC V9A 7M5
Tel: 250-385-6838
  • Government records
  • Historical manuscript records
  • Genealogy
  • Special media
  • Expert in: photographic records; landscape change; community/regional history; travel/exploration history; tourism/recreation/parks; business history; and biography.
  • Land Records
Christopher J.P. Hanna
PO Box 38005 RPO City Centre
Victoria BC V8W 3N2
Tel/Fax: 250-595-7461
  • Genealogy
  • Lands records
  • Court records research
  • Government records
  • Historical manuscript records
  • Special media
  • Expert in colonial/maritime history and the gold rush.

Chelsea Horton, PhD

  • First Nations
  • Genealogy
  • Lands records
  • Government records
  • Historical manuscript records
  • Special media
Dave Lang
Victoria, BC
Tel: 250-588-3464
  • First Nations Research
  • Government Records
  • Historical Manuscript Records
  • Lands Records
  • Special media
Klahanie Research Ltd. (David Brownstein)
7-2160 W 39th Ave
Vancouver BC V6M 1T5
Tel: 604-722-5366
  • First Nations research
  • Lands records
  • Government records
  • Historical manuscript records
  • Special media: including still and moving images; aural histories and cartographic records
  • Experts in landscape change/resource management issues and academic-sponsored research.
Lynda G. Poulton
2565 Islands View Dr.
Gabriola BC V0R 1X7
Tel: 250-247-9111 cell: 250-714-2553
  • Government records
  • Historical manuscript records
  • Genealogy
  • Land records
Maurice DePaoli
301 – 290 Newport Drive Port Moody BC V3H 5N2
Tel: 778-689-5213
  • Genealogy
  • First Nations research
  • Government records
  • Historical manuscript records.
Sheila Norton
807 Seamist Place
Victoria BC V8Y 2R4
Tel: 250-382-1185
  • Government records
  • Historical manuscript records
  • Genealogy
  • Land records
  • First Nations
  • Court records
  • Special media
  • Expert in contaminated sites.
Traditions Consulting Services Inc.
Kevin Neary and Associates
1163 Jolivet Crescent
Victoria BC V8X 3P3
Tel: 250-881-8793
Fax: 250-881-8794
  • First Nations research
  • Government records
  • Historical manuscript records.
  • Genealogy and Special Media
Victoria Genealogical Society
Queries Committee
Pennbridge Building, Royal Oak Shopping Centre
209 - 4475 Viewmont Avenue
Victoria, B.C. V8Z 6L8
Tel: 250-360-2808
  • Genealogy

Areas of Specialty

Area of Specialty


Court records

research including divorce records and civil orders/judgments


birth, marriage and death registrations; wills, probates and succession duty cards; coroner’s inquests and inquiries, census returns, directories and newspapers; provincial voters lists

Government records


records from government ministries, departments and agencies; BC Gazette notices; published reports; Sessional Papers.

First Nations

research including federal RG10 records and published reports


Historical manuscript records


private (i.e., non-government) records

Lands records

Crown land pre-emption records; O-series correspondence files; tax assessment rolls

Special media

photographs and other still images; moving images; aural histories; cartographic records

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Professional researchers who are interested in being added to this register should contact us.

The following must be included in your application to be listed:

  • Cover letter: describe experience and knowledge of the BC Archives collections, policies and procedures
  • Resume: describe qualifications and experience as a researcher
  • Areas of specialty: See above

Applications will be reviewed and processed on a quarterly basis.