Centre of Arrivals

Multicultural and Intercultural Initiatives at the Royal BC Museum

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BC’s human history is as complex, diverse and dynamic as its ecology, with people from virtually every region of the globe settling in and contributing to the province and Canada.

The Centre of Arrivals Project fulfills the Royal BC Museum’s long-term commitment to reimagine and recreate intercultural BC history through the lenses of immigrant arrivals. At the core of BC’s intercultural stories are local, national and transnational connections that define BC’s unique diverse experiences.

This project includes short- and long-term initiatives in close partnerships with research institutions, government agencies, community organizations and individuals. The Royal BC Museum works closely with BC communities to preserve and share intercultural experiences through four major work areas: research, collections, learning (public outreach and school programming) and exhibits (temporary exhibitions and permanent gallery rescripting).

These initiatives have received a number of regional and international awards.