Director Lew Parry, producer Leon Shelly and cameraman Mel Parry at Shelly's Motion Skreenadz / Vancouver Motion Pictures Studio, ca. 1941. BCA I-61631.

Documentary and Feature Filming at the Royal BC Museum

Whether you’re a documentary filmmaker wishing to interview an expert about BC’s natural history or a feature film producer looking to set a scene in a museum, the Royal BC Museum may have what you’re after.

Documentary filmmakers working on stories about, or related to, the Royal BC Museum collections, exhibitions and staff specialists are encouraged to pitch their story ideas.  The greater your focus on the Royal BC Museum, the greater the likelihood your documentary will be given the green light to proceed.

The Royal BC Museum also welcomes feature film productions.  With world-class exhibits and amazing galleries (think of the life-like forest dioramas and the charming Old Town streets), this is a fantastic location if you’re looking for a vivid and visually-compelling museum setting.  The Royal BC Museum also has a vast variety of public and private spaces that can be easily dressed to look however you need. 

We require a minimum of one month’s notice prior to shooting and the provision that you meet the Royal BC Museum’s filming terms and conditions.  

In almost all cases, fees for filming will be levied, but we do evaluate proposals (and calculate fees) on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that broadcast news outlets are expected and invited to approach us as soon as media stories related to the Royal BC Museum develop. Please see our Press Room page for contact info.

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Corporate Communications Manager