Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus), collected in 1918. ENT993-000387.

Loan Requests

As we are preparing to move to the Collections and Research Building in Colwood, we have reduced capacity to accommodate loans/acquisitions at this time. We are assessing loans/acquisitions on a case-by-case basis. While we are no longer accepting unsolicited donations, exceptions may be made for items of cultural significance, repatriation of Indigenous collection items, and research purposes. Repository agreements are also exempt.

If your institution is interested in requesting a loan from the Royal BC Museum Natural History collection, please first contact the appropriate individual from the list below:

Entomology Claudia Copley, Collections Manager
Dr. Joel Gibson, Curator
Herbarium Heidi Guest, Collections Manager
Ken Marr, Curator
Herpetology Gavin Hanke, Curator
Ichthyology Gavin Hanke, Curator
Invertebrate Zoology Hugh MacIntosh, Collections Manager
Dr. Henry Choong, Curator
Mammalogy Anna Chinn, Collection Manager
Gavin Hanke, Curator
Ornithology Anna Chinn, Collection Manager
Gavin Hanke, Curator
Paleontology Derek Larson, Collections Manager
Victoria Arbour, Curator