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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 10 AM-4 PM, closed from 12 PM-1 PM.
Free in the BC Archives lobby.

This BC Archives display gives us the opportunity to highlight significant records, new donations and ongoing projects that help tell British Columbia’s story. The BC Archives display is located in the lobby of the BC Archives, beside the Royal BC Museum.

Current Display

Yukon Joe documents the world

A solitary prospector working long past the boom years of British Columbia’s gold rush, Yukon Joe’s legacy lives on despite the modest life he lived. Throughout the twentieth century Joe hacked out a living as a prospector, supplementing his meagre income by creating and selling landscape paintings.

On display in the lobby of the BC Archives is the diary of Yukon Joe, a smoke-scented tome that offers insight into a lonely life in some of the most remote parts of our province.

Yukon Joe and his pack dogs on the John Hart Highway ca. 1950. I-66559.