Community Engagement

Reimagining the Royal BC Museum

Important conversations are underway at the Royal BC Museum as we embark on province-wide engagement to reimagine the future of your museum and archives. With your help, we can ensure people from all corners of the province feel welcomed, included, and represented through community connections, educational programs, and inclusive, thought-provoking experiences for everyone.

Updating our aging facilities and infrastructure is a critical part of reimagining the museum and archives, but so too is rethinking our methods and processes. It’s a significant task. Reimagining the museum requires fiscal responsibility, enormous creativity, and, above all else, an approach that welcomes and includes the perspectives of all people in British Columbia.

We welcome your ideas, your feedback, and your voice.

Ways to Participate

By participating in one or more of these opportunities, you will be helping us and our diverse audiences envision the future of the Royal BC Museum together.


Community Engagement Phases


Phase 2: Deeper Engagement Through Consultation

Phase 1: Dialogue with British Columbians


The Journey so Far

Since its inception in 1886, the Royal BC Museum has changed and evolved alongside the rest of the province. Today’s Royal BC Museum is committed to creating community connections, gathering spaces, educational programs, and opportunities for critical thinking, self-reflection, and thought-provoking experiences for people across BC and around the world.

The archives were founded in 1894 and in 2003, both organizations joined together to become BC’s combined provincial museum and archives, with the purpose of broadening understanding of our province. The Royal BC Museum is passionate about inspiring curiosity and wonder while sharing BC’s story with the millions of visitors who walk through our doors and explore our website each year.

The Collections and Research Building

In September 2020, the Province of BC announced plans to build a new collections and research building in Colwood, BC. This purpose-built, sustainable facility will house the Royal BC Museum’s archives, collections, and research department. It will improve research activities by providing dedicated research labs and learning spaces, and it will improve public access to the province’s vast collections.

Learn more about the collection and research building.