Night Shift: After Life

From here to the hereafter. For one night only, we will be waiting for you in the next realm to explore death rituals, make offerings to the spirits and learn about the science behind consciousness. An evening filled with costumes, live music, presentations and adventures awaits in the afterlife. Get decked out in your eerie finery and summon your friends for a night like no other at Victoria’s most anticipated Halloween party.

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19+ only, two pieces of ID for entry


Event Schedule

Time Activity Location
8:00 pm Doors open  
8:00 pm Bar and food service begins All floors
Ongoing Photo booth Second floor, Climate Change
8:00–11:30 pm Craft station Third floor, Totem Gallery
8:00–9:00 pm DJ Daniele Mereu Second floor, Forest
8:00–8:30 pm DJ Yeezy Yee and Boitano Main floor
8:30 pm Ghost Hunters talk Main floor
8:30 pm Mummification talk Third floor, Our Living Languages
9:00 pm The Spirits of Sutton Hoo talk Main floor
9:00 pm Animal Helpers in the Afterlife talk Third floor, Our Living Languages
9:00 pm Coroner’s Records talk Third floor, Totem Gallery
9:00–10:30 pm DJ Gano Second floor, Forest
9:15–10:30 pm Bučan Bučan Third floor, Old Town
9:30–11:59 pm DJ Yeezy Yee and Boitano Main floor
9:30 pm The Brain After Death talk Third floor, Our Living Languages
9:30 pm Geographies of the Afterlife talk Third floor, Totem Gallery
10:00 pm The Body After Death talk Third floor, Our Living Languages
10:00 pm Passion and Performance Main floor
10:15 pm Island Circus Main floor
10:30–11:59 pm DJ Tyger Dhula Second floor, forest
10:45–11:45 pm Diamond Café Third floor, Old Town
11:00 pm Costume Contest Main floor
11:30 pm Last Call All floors
12:00 am Time of Death All floors
There is one bar on the main floor, three bars on the second floor and two bars on the third. Due to our liquor license drinks cannot be taken between floors. Venue space is limited.

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This is a 19+ only event. Valid photo ID is required for entry. To ensure the safety of our guests and museum collections alike, Security will conduct ID, bag and spot checks at the entrance. Prohibited items include any controlled substance, alcohol (not purchased at the event) and dangerous items. Any items not permitted at the event will be collected at the door prior to entry. The Royal BC Museum will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

The Royal BC Museum hosts events where everyone is responsible for maintaining space that is safe for all participants. Safer space means everyone at the event is free from all forms of oppression and anything that can harm or limit our well-being. This includes expressing opinions in a respectful manner and respectfully accepting others’ rights to do the same.

Security and Royal BC Museum staff reserve the right to refuse or revoke entry to guests. These decisions will be made to ensure the safety and security of other guests and the Royal BC Museum.

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