About Volunteering

Why Volunteer?

Every year, volunteers at the Royal BC Museum contribute over 46,000 hours of their time to lead school programs, assist visitors in our shops and coat check area, interpret exhibits, act as hosts and ambassadors for the Museum and support the collections and research areas, including the BC Archives.

Our volunteers are a diverse and talented group of people who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with others, making friends and experiencing one of the most exciting and rewarding volunteer programs in the city.

How to Apply

It’s easy! Just complete an application form telling us about your background, interests, education, volunteer and/or work experience, skills and hobbies, as well as your availability and any medical conditions that might be pertinent. We ask for two references, and a Police Record Check is required for any volunteers who are 19 years of age or over. A minor consent form is required for volunteers under the age of 19.

We do receive a high volume of over 250 volunteer applications and sometimes it can take a while for us to process them to find a good fit between your interests and our available positions. We appreciate your patience and will get in touch with you as soon as we are able.

Click here to see our volunteer opportunities and enroll as a volunteer.

If you are under 19 years of age, click here to see our volunteer opportunities and enroll as a volunteer.

Applications can also be picked up at the Royal BC Museum, by contacting Visitor Services.

Finding the Right Position

Because we want you to find your experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible, we carefully match your interests and skills with suitable volunteer positions and opportunities. This can take a bit of time, as interest in some areas can be very high. As a consequence, some volunteer positions may not arise quickly. However, we keep all volunteer applications on file for approximately two years, and we will contact you as soon as an appropriate position becomes available.

Potential volunteers with a background in research from other museums, archives or educational institutions may be placed on an individual basis depending on his or her individual knowledge, skills and interests. Please contact Volunteer Services for further information.

When a suitable position does become available, we will ask you to come in and talk to us to see if the assignment is one of interest, or if there are other placements that may have arisen that are a better fit with your needs and experience. This may mean more than one visit. You should consider carefully whether the opportunity is a good fit and if the time commitment involved will work for you.

We do ask that you make a commitment to volunteering at the museum. The minimum commitment is 6 months, although some of our volunteers have been with us for many years because they enjoy it so much.


Once you are accepted as a volunteer, we will give you a written job description of your position and schedule your Royal BC Museum orientation and training session. Depending on the position, initial training may take anywhere from a few hours to several months. We will continue to support and train you throughout your involvement at the Museum and BC Archives; it’s an opportunity for you to learn new skills and discover hidden talents. You can expect guidance and supervision to help you perform your duties with confidence and skill.

In return, we expect each of our volunteers to understand and support the Royal BC Museum’s mission and be ambassadors for the Museum in the community. The Royal BC Museum is a unique organization, with staff and volunteers that are dedicated to maintaining high professional standards in their work.

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Volunteer Services Manager

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