C’tasi:a and Suxixeluq (Geraldine and Earl Manson)

Snuneymuxw First Nation

Respected Snuneymuxw Elders and Cultural worker C’tasi:a (Geraldine Manson) has conducted research at RBCM for a number of years now. She is dedicated to teaching and educating everyone with an interest in learning about the history of her ancestors and recently completed a book about the history, stories and meaning behind the petroglyphs throughout Snuneymuxw traditional territory


We asked C’tasi:a and her husband Suxixeluq (Earl Manson) to spend some time with some of the ICAR team and share some of her valuable research and knowledge of RBCM’s Indigenous Collections.

“Some of these petroglyph images are considered spiritual and continue to be used in sacred ceremonies. I will continue to work with RBCM to speed up the return of these petroglyph rubbings and castings from our territory.” she explained.


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