Lynette La Fontaine

Traditional Materials of Métis Culture

Lynette La Fontaine is a Métis, Two-Spirit, mixed-media visual artist who utilizes traditional and contemporary materials and knowledge in their work. Through independent learning and mentorships, Lynette has learned of beading, moccasin making, whitefish scales, hide tanning and tufting art, as well as traditional materials, design and other identifying Métis cultural elements.

Lynette La Fontaine demonstrating how they make a caribou hair tuft. 
Lynette La Fontaine and the various traditional materials they use, such as hide, caribou hair, fish scales, and porcupine quills.

In the video below, learn a little of Lynette’s journey as an artist, traditional materials and the importance of connection to the land and using all parts of harvested fish and animals in Métis culture. You will also hear of how these traditional art practices help connect Lynette to their culture.


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