Design Justice Co-Lab

A Royal BC Museum and University of Victoria Partnership

Design justice is a commitment to deliberative democracy in practice. Healthy, vibrant, flourishing democracies mean that citizens influence decision-making and that their voices are heard. Design justice is an innovative, interactive and imaginative approach to designing artistic, research and policy initiatives. It takes seriously the stories and lived experiences of those most directly affected by the pressing policy challenges of our times.

This design justice collaboratory event aims to create conversations in concert with a diverse group of academics, activists, artists, community leaders and civil servants who share a commitment to building brighter, healthier more ecologically sustainable futures. The sessions will be once a month ongoing, and anyone with an interest is welcome to join.

A foundational text for these sessions is Design Justice: Community-Led Practices to Build the Worlds We Need by Sasha Costanza- Chock, but no need to have read this to take part in the discussion.

This initiative is being led by Dr. Sarah Marie Wiebe.

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