Creep, Crawl and Slither

Grades K-2 | Royal BC Museum presents Creep, Crawl, and Slither - Oct 28, 2022 9:10am Pacific Time

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Some kinds of arthropods have wings and antennae. The quantity and types of these body parts, and how they are arranged, tell you if an animal is an insect, spider, millipede, or centipede. There are reptiles that also can fly, but they don’t have wings. How many reptiles do you know from British Columbia? Join curator of vertebrate zoology Dr. Gavin Hanke, curator of entomology, Dr. Joel Gibson and learning program developer Chris O’Connor, as they lead you through this program about animals that creep, crawl, and slither. We will Investigate arthropod and reptile bodies and get creative by building a critter. Participants will need pencil and paper.


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