Women and Leadership: Radical conversations about gender justice, art and reconciliation

This conference provides an opportunity for women and girls to come together in arts-based workshops, community and gallery tours and panel discussions with women leaders, artists, educators, activists and politicians.

Locations: St. Ann’s Academy, Royal BC Museum and Mungo Martin House.

Royal BC Museum members receive a 10% reduction on their conference registration. To receive this benefit or to attend the conference, please email info@friendsofstannsacademy.com

Living Languages

This workshop in the galleries of the Royal BC Museum explores issues of representation and reconciliation in museums by contrasting two iconic installations – Our Living Languages: First Peoples’ Voices in British Columbia, which opened in 2014, and the First Peoples gallery, created almost 40 years before. 

October 14, 2:15 – 3:35 pm
$10 per person, 10% member discount

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Feminist Museum Hack (SOLD OUT)
During this workshop you will visit the Becoming BC Gallery, identify an area to be “hacked” and then work in small teams to create a prototype installation to address the missing feminist narrative.

October 15, 9:00 am - 11:45 pm
$10 per person, 10% member discount

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