RBCM@Home (Summer) Beautiful Badgers

Beautiful Badgers, in collaboration with the Greater Victoria Public Library

Depending on where you live in BC, you might have never seen a badger in person. Badgers live in the grasslands and dry forests of the interior of BC, and like to move around at night. So they are kind of hard to spot.

But easier to spot if you are reading kid’s books. From Wind in the Willows to the Frances the Badger books, our stripy-faced friends make for good characters.  

For this RBCM @ Home (Summer), we team up with the Greater Victoria Public Library to explore badgers through books, and then we'll look closely at specimens behind the scenes in the museum collection.

RBCM @ Home (Summer) is hosted by Chris O’Connor

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If you are not able to access through Zoom, we will also be streaming on Facebook Live. Please visit the Royal BC Museum Facebook page.

If you missed past sessions, check out the recordings on our Royal BC Museum YouTube page

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