Our Living Languages Travelling Exhibition

Visit the Our Living Languages travelling exhibition at the Trail Museum and Archives1505 Bay Ave, Trail, BC V1R 4B2

As we enter the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032), to draw global attention to the critical situation of many Indigenous languages and to mobilize stakeholders and resources for their preservation, revitalization and promotion, we invite you to learn more about the state of Indigenous languages in BC in this ground-breaking interactive exhibition.

Our Living Languages provides visitors with the opportunity to learn more about the history of disrupted languages in BC, the complexity of these languages, and the people – and entire communities – that are working tirelessly to document and revitalize them.

Learn what First Nations communities throughout the province are doing to help their languages survive and flourish in this beautifully designed exhibition that celebrates the resilience and diversity of First Nations languages in the face of change.

Language is a powerful, potent marker of identity and culture. Think about the emotional resonance of the term “mother tongue”—the languages we grow up with are our kin, nourishment and birthright. BC is one of the planet’s most linguistically diverse regions. From a global perspective, it’s known as a linguistic “hotspot” because of the diversity and

In 2015, the Royal BC Museum and First Peoples Cultural Council won the American Alliance of Museums Excellence in Exhibition Competition for Our Living Languages. The exhibition was one of only four—of the 37 entries submitted by some of the world’s most innovative and progressive museums—to receive this annual award.

The travelling exhibition is designed to be flexible and meet the logistical needs of a range of spaces.  It’s ideal for regional museums and community centres alike.

Our Living Languages was created by the First Peoples’ Cultural Council in partnership with Royal BC Museum. We also acknowledge and thank the Government of Canada and Vancity for their support of the Our Living Languages travelling exhibition program.