RBCM@Home (Kids) Cranes with Korina + Kids

Cranes with Korina + Kids

Last year for RBCM @ Home (Kids) we had a session with artist/educator Laura Minta Holland where we learned to make your own origami cranes. This workshop was inspired by the Japanese practice of senbazuru, folding 1000 cranes in hopes of having one wish granted. This repetitive process allows for a space for calm, focus and mindfulness, which has been helpful during these unprecedented world events.

Watching during that session was a group of students from School District 61, led by educator Korina Miller. As a group of learners, they were motivated by this project and decided to make their own 1000 cranes.

On December 4 we will be displaying those cranes in the gallery of the Royal BC Museum, and for this session of RBCM@Home (Kids) Korina will show us the display, share some thoughts from the kids who made them and make some more with you.

The display will be up from 11am-3pm on Saturday December 4. Please feel free to visit it in person as well if you can.

Materials needed:

  • Paper
  • Scissors

RBCM @ Home (Kids) is hosted by Chris O'Connor. 

Click on the Zoom link to join:


If you are not able to access through Zoom, we will also be streaming on Facebook Live. Please visit the Royal BC Museum Facebook page.

If you missed past sessions, check out our RBCM @ Home (Kids) YouTube page.

RBCM @ Home (Kids) is like a museum playdate online. Visit with members of the museum staff who are working from home, along with families from across BC, as we make and learn together. Each session will have some kind of making activity, so get your paper and pencil crayons ready.  

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