Art and Animals Saturday Morning Workshop Series

Art and Animals- Acrylic Bird Paintings

This Saturday morning workshop series welcomes kids back to the museum in creative and fun ways! Dive into the world of the animals of BC and our connection to them through hands-on art activities and adventures within the galleries. Join us each week for a new theme and new art project.

For this week we'll be making Audubon inspired acrylic bird paintings. John James Audubon was known for his extensive studies of documenting all types of North American birds and for his detailed illustrations, which depicted birds in their natural habitats.

Participants will have the opportunity to have a closer look at birds from British Columbia from the museum's collection to create a sketch and then turn that sketch into an acrylic painting while exploring composition, colour, mixing and adding visual interest using line and texture. 

The session will be led by arts educator Jeri Engen, from Kudzu Studio.

This is the first of three sessions. Come to one, or come to all. 

Others include:

Recommended for ages 7-11.

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