RBCM@Home (Kids) Painting Rocks for a Change

Painting Rocks for a Change with Insiyah and Rubina Dharsee

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Port Coquitlam student Insiyah Dharsee started painting rocks to help settle her anxieties over what was happening, as well as to inspire the community with the words spoken by Bonnie Henry. These colourful rocks, with uplifting statements, helped Insiyah raise funds to purchase Zaky Hugs (soft, artificial hands to comfort premature babies) for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Royal Columbian Hospital. Some of the rocks Insiyah made will also be donated to the history collection of the Royal BC Museum.

For this session of RBCM @ Home (Kids) we'll meet with Insiyah and her mom Rubina Dharsee, and learn about their journey and discover ways to volunteer and serve, so that we can all help make the world a better place- calm, kind and safe.

Materials needed:

  • A smooth rock
  • Paint

RBCM @ Home (Kids) is hosted by Chris O'Connor. 

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RBCM @ Home (Kids) is like a museum playdate online. Visit with members of the museum staff who are working from home, along with families from across BC, as we make and learn together. Each session will have some kind of making activity, so get your paper and pencil crayons ready.  

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