Finding Freedom in Books, Operas and Objects

Professional development opportunity for educators

Freedom. The word makes us think of liberty, lack of constraint, power, the right to speak or act. But how else might we experience freedom or the lack of freedom? How are our ideas of freedom reflected in historical objects and museum protocols?  How has music agitated or supported free expression of political ideas? And what of intellectual freedom as seen in the books on our library shelves?

The Greater Victoria Public Library, Pacific Opera Victoria and the Royal BC Museum are pleased to present a free day of professional development for educators. As community partners and institutions, we think it is important to encourage children and teens to think critically about what they view, read and hear, and these objectives have inspired the theme of the day—freedom. Each institution will have experts on hand to provide educators with practical tools and ideas they can use in the classroom or in the community. The day will combine lectures and hands-on learning.


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