Remembrance Commemorations

The Victoria Children's Choir

12:30—1:00 pm
Clifford Carl Hall

The Victoria Children’s Choir will perform music on themes of war and peace, including songs from the time of both World Wars, patriotic Canadian songs, and more recent compositions expressing the common desire for peace and human solidarity. The award-winning Victoria Children’s Choir, founded by Artistic Director Madeleine Humer, comprises over 115 talented singers aged 7-17, and are known for their performances of wide-ranging repertoire both around Victoria, and on tour in places as diverse as Austria and California. The choir's most recent international performance was a 2-week tour of the Netherlands in 2015, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of that country at the end of WWII. This past summer the choir toured the Maritime Provinces in honour of Canada's 150th birthday.

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Sentimental Melodies from World War II

1:00—1:20 pm
Clifford Carl Hall

Take yourselves back to the1940's with songs that lifted the spirits of our soldiers sung by singers such as Vera Lynn and the Andrews Sisters. Singer Kelsey Jewesson and pianist Louise Alepin will delight and amuse you for an afternoon of remembering our soldiers at the Royal BC Museum.

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The Nurse, the Soldier and Vimy Ridge

1:30—1:50 pm
Clifford Carl Hall

“THE NURSE, THE SOLDIER AND VIMY RIDGE” traces the experiences of young BC and Canadian soldiers and nurses as they faced the horrors of trench warfare. Vimy Ridge is the initial focal point as their actual letters and diary entries are used as the core script for the actors to tell these stories. Music of the time is interspersed with the letters, poetry, propaganda and news headlines to give an up close and personal vision of the sacrifices, the victories, and the undaunted spirit of ordinary men and women that made us all proud to say, “I am Canadian!”

These Fields of Crimson

2:00—3:00 pm
Newcombe Conference Hall

Within the ground of France and Flanders, blood, rust and poppies will forever mark the place of those who served here during the Great War. With each day another centennial, how has the Great War been portrayed and interpreted on-site? Join historian Paul Ferguson for his observations of today - about the Great War of yesterday. Learn what is planned for the near future and how France and Flanders are planning for the future, post-November 11, 2018.

Paul Ferguson, Royal BC Museum

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