Live at Lunch: Black Pioneers in British Columbia

Commemorate Black History month in a special presentation by Karen Alexander Hosahl of the Black History Awareness Society as she shares the history of her family and other black pioneers in the area. 

About the Speaker: 

Karen is a descendant of the Alexander pioneer family and  is also the past president of the BC Black History Awareness Society. The British Columbia Black History Awareness Society (BCBHAS), a non-profit society, was formed in February, 1994, to continue the work started by the British Columbia Black History Awareness Committee, namely celebrating the achievements of Black people in British Columbia (BC) as part of Black History Month. The Society expanded it's objectives to include creating an awareness of the history of Black pioneers in BC, stimulating interest in the study of the contributions of persons of African ancestry to BC and Canada, and celebrating the historical achievements of Black people in the arts, education, government, sports, science, etc., in BC and Canada.  For more information visit their website here

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