It's Complicated: New Immigrants

Whether it's your biological family or family of choice, things aren't always easy or straightforward. This participatory discussion series tackles perspectives and definitions, upending assumptions to help us better understand ourselves and our family roles. An intriguing mix of facilitators will get the conversation started, but where it goes from there is up to you. 

New Immigrants

For new immigrants to the city, family dynamics can be complicated. Whether new immigrants have left family behind or brought them along, in a new cultural and social landscape, connection is vital. How are new immigrants coping with this in Victoria, and how can the larger community better support the process?

The discussion will include perspectives from:

  • Todd Kitzler- Language Services Manager at the Inter-Cultural Association of Victoria
  • Councilor Chris Coleman- City of Victoria
  • Deniz Unsal
  • William Goldiet- Settlement Worker at the Inter-Cultural Association of Victoria

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