Deep Sea Discussions with Ocean Networks Canada

Join Natasha Ewing from Ocean Networks Canada to learn about their unique and innovative work and connect live to the E/V Nautilus to hear about their adventures at sea. ONC staff and E/V Nautilus Communication Fellows will discuss the work they are doing at sea in real time in a Q/A format from the audience.

Dive into the deep sea without getting wet!

Ocean Networks Canada, an initiative of the University of Victoria,  operates world-leading ocean observatories off the west coast of Canada and in the Arctic.  By gathering real-time data about our changing ocean, monitoring marine safety, earthquake and tsunami hazards and collecting images and sounds of marine life, ONC supports evidence-based decision-making and opens the door to our planet’s next frontier, the world beneath the waves. Ocean data collected 24/7 allows scientists, students and teachers around the world to explore complex earth processes and discover ocean mysteries. Ocean Networks Canada is currently on a live expedition off the west coast with the E/V Nautilus, a 64 m ship equipped with the latest oceanographic technology and two robotic vehicles, Hercules and Argus that can dive to 6000m,  to maintain the regional observatory (NEPTUNE). 

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