Museum Sage Mondays

Make a personal connection with a museum object and gain insight into a life question. A guide trained in the creative Museum Sage experience will help you use non-visual senses to find your piece. 

Tours begin at 3:00 pm and last approximately 30 minutes. 

How does it work?

Decide on a personal or business question (How can I bring more meaning to my job? Where will I find my soul mate? What will it take for my team to work more closely together? What’s the purpose of my life?) Then you'll choose a place in the museum. Your Guide will lead you there while you're walking mindfully and paying attention to all your senses. When you reach your artwork or historical object, you’ll be guided through questions that encourage close looking and free associating to suggest insights into your question. You'll have a conversation with your Guide and any other players so they can offer insights too.