Photo courtesy of Chris Gale, Wild North Photos

Student Resources

There are lots of ways to connect with us, wherever you live and learn in BC. One of the best ways is to check us out online!

Learning Portal

The Learning Portal is made for learners of all ages, and it features all kinds of cool info about the Royal BC Museum. You can read, listen to and watch amazing stories about BC here.

We are always adding new content, so keep checking back.

Learning Labs

In 2017 students in BC’s northeast will have the opportunity to participate remotely in Learning Labs at the Royal BC Museum. This is a great opportunity to connect with a classroom outside your region. You can learn about the museum—and about kids living across the province! Check out the Learning Lab called Knowing Your Place: Empathy, Dialogue and the Power to Connect” for more details.

Digital Fieldtrips

Classrooms in the northeast are invited to join us on Digital Fieldtrips to meet museum staff behind the scenes, working in Royal BC Museum collections and exhibitions. Tell your teachers if you are interested.