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Current Exhibitions

The cultural precinct includes Helmcken House, St. Ann’s Schoolhouse, the Netherlands Centennial Carillon, Thunderbird Park and Wawadiťła (Mungo Martin House).
Visionary designers surrounded the museum with one of the first native plant gardens on the west coast of North America.
The Pocket Gallery is a small display space in Clifford Carl Hall, on the main floor of the Royal BC Museum.
A groundbreaking, interactive exhibition celebrating the resilience and diversity of First Nations languages in BC.
Explore British Columbia from the warm dry hills of Vancouver Island to the misty cool northlands of Haida Gwaii.
Experience the rich diversity of First Peoples in British Columbia.
Explore Old Town, HMS Discovery and more of British Columbia's history.
Come see authentic, original records that help tell British Columbia’s story.

Past Exhibitions

Celebrate the achievements of one of Canada’s greatest heroes–Terry Fox.

Travelling Exhibitions

Online Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions

Experience the wonders of nature through the lenses of award-winning photographers from around the world.
Dive deep into the stories and science that surround the magnificent Orca

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