Emily Carr exhibition programs

Travel to France with Emily Carr and back home to BC through our digital programs. Enjoy access to insight from Carr experts and museum professionals; drawing and crafting activities for children and adults; and virtual walking tours through Emily’s neighbourhood and the Royal BC Museum collections.  


  • Emily Carr: Fresh Seeing Gallery Tour

    In 1911, Carr visited France, where she charted new ground as a modernist painter. Time spent at her canvas and encounters with international artists changed her forever. When she returned to BC, her painting style had been transformed. This exhibition investigates Carr’s momentous journey to France that broke the bonds of her conservative art training.

    Grades 4 to 12

    Learning Outcomes

    The learner will

    Virtually visit the feature exhibition at the Royal BC Museum

    Appreciate how Emily Carr’s new appreciation for modern art dramatically affected her painting

    Program Length: 30 minutes

    Cost: $75

    Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

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