Aboriginal Material Operating Policy

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The RBCM is committed to the involvement of Aboriginal peoples in the interpretation of their cultures as represented in exhibits, education programs, and public programming developed by the RBCM. The RBCM is committed to a continuous dialogue with Aboriginal communities in British Columbia in relation to its collections, repatriation policies, and cooperative management efforts.

The RBCM acknowledges that all Aboriginal materials, including human remains, burial objects, ceremonial objects, communally-owned property, as well as archival records, tapes, films, photographs, and research information is part of the intellectual and cultural heritage of the respective Aboriginal peoples. Therefore, the utmost respect by researchers, curators, and interpreters of those cultures must be maintained.

A case-by-case approach will be used to deal with all issues regarding Aboriginal material, recognizing the need for a collaborative approach to be based on moral and éth¡cal criteria in addition to following legal requirements.

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