Kidding around

Posted on October 9, 2019

Museum members: we know you love your children.

But it’s ok to want a little break from them. Some downtime when you’re exploring the Royal BC Museum.

So we’re planning to give you a full hour without your kids. Spend it alone. Spend it with your BFF. Spend it with your sweet boo.  Spend it with the cute postal worker who delivered your mail three hours earlier. WE DON’T CARE.

What we do care about is you having time to explore the museum. We also care about the quality of care your kids get. And that’s why we’re offering the new Hello Exhibition! program: while you take a tour led by a Learning staff member, we’ll provide age-specific, awesomely themed professional childminding for your kids.

You get time up in the Royal BC Museum galleries to learn, kids are given a chance to play and you all have lots to talk about on the way home.  Even if the postie is squeezed in between the booster seats. 

Childminding is designed for kids ages 2-5. Adults can be any age at all.

We’re offering Hello Exhibition! in five installments, always from 10:00–11:00 am:

Take advantage of this amazing members-only perk by becoming a member now.

Not a member? Check out our Fall/Winter program guide, where we  offer our Parallel Play childminding program for Happy Hour and It’s Complicated events. 

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