Archival Donation Request Form

Records should not be submitted or delivered to the archives without the written approval of the acquisitions archivist. 

The personal information on this form is collected under het authority of Section 5 of the Museum Act (SBC 2003, c.12) and will be used to document the acquisition of non-government records in all formations, including published materials. If you with to access or correct your personal information, or would like to make an inquiry about the Royal BC Museum's privacy policies and procedures, you can contact our information and privacy officer by mail, email ( or call 250 356 0698


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What types of records are you offering to donate? Please be as specific as possible. Include a list (with quantities) of the item(s) being offered with brief descriptions, names, dates, physical description, and any other information you can see by examining the material. * If this is an artwork, is it a print. If it is an original, what is the media (Oil, watercolour, pastel, etc)? What is the support (paper, canvas, board, etc)?
What is the historical significance to British Columbia (Who made it? Who did it belong to? When was it created? How was it used?)
How much material are you offering to donate? Please provide the number of boxes with their dimensions or, if reasonable, the number of items.
How did it come to be in your possession? What is your relationship to the owner of the material?
I certify that I am the legal owner of the item(s) described above

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