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Over time, Thunderbird Park has meant many things to many people. To the Lukwungen (Songhees and Esquimalt) First Nations who occupied this landscape for centuries, it was a place for gathering food plants, hunting birds and animals (including deer and elk), and fishing in nearby James Bay. Today, it is a place of learning, and a place for reflection on the lives that have gone before us.

Agnes George shows some of her freshly dried salmon
Agnes George shows some of her freshly dried salmon. Mrs. George was born on the Old Songhees Reserve and was one of the last fluent speakers of Lukwungen (Leküngén), a dialect of a language referred to by linguists as North Straits Salish. BC Archives: E-02534
Sophie Misheal, Andrew Misheal and Jimmy Fraser (Songhees): collecting, soaking and shredding cedar bark for dance regalia, 1952. RBCM STR-F-001, STR-F-002.
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