The De-Luxe Blue Book Monthly Society News

NW 905 D366

Created to keep readers “in close touch with social happenings,” the De-Luxe Blue Book claimed to be “the first magazine of such a high standard … to be produced in Canada.”

According to the May 1914 final edition in the BC Archives collection, “the De-Luxe has reached a point where it can truthfully be called the ‘Premier Society Magazine of the Pacific Coast’.”

The magazine covered social events in Victoria, Vancouver and Washington State during the year leading to the beginning of World War I.

News items included coverage of recent weddings and travels, local social events and parties. Reports about the arts and the local hobby clubs, along with short stories and advice columns were regular features. Advertising of the era featured prominently.

The magazine prided itself on being a leading provider of illustrations and photographs of the Pacific Northwest and the people living here.

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