Cambodian dance costume

20th Century
RBCM 2007.21.1-8

This collection of a Cambodian classical dance outfit was used for modern Cambodian classical dance. It was originally fitted and made for the donor Saiy Sophorn (Sophie) Touch, nee Soo, by her sister Bove, in Boston, Massachusetts. This collection with shiny metal-like finish was called a la buga.

During the Khmer Rough reign in the 1970s, the donor and her family fled from Cambodia to Thailand. In her years of exile, Sophie continued to learn the very complex moves of Cambodian dance. In 1987 she came as a refugee to settle in British Columbia, and has since taught and performed traditional Cambodian dance in Vancouver and Victoria.

Her family’s diaspora stories resonate with the refugees around the world who have strived to preserve their traditions through their struggles and hardships and settlement. Her art and hard work has enriched the diverse cultural lives in British Columbia.

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