Art Deco Evening Dress

silk, glass

This Art Deco evening dress was sewn in 1922 by the donor’s mother. It illustrates the way that fashionable clothing, like the literature, art, music, architecture, and other creative arts of a particular period, may reflect the same aesthetic.

The beautifully made dress is of silk chiffon and glass beads, reflecting a high level of design and technical skill. There are not many home sewers in BC now, though there are still lots of mothers who like to help their daughters dress up.

Why did we collect it? Because it was donated. One of the things we do is preserve what people think is important. Sometimes that’s good – we are the provincial treasure chest – but it does mean we have a surfeit of wedding dresses and christening gowns. People are anxious to save clothing that marks special events, but we also hope to provide an educated overview, in which everyday clothing is at least as important, but much rarer.