Venue Rentals Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to use the museum's caterers or may we use any caterer?

We ask that you use our caterers. The Royal BC Museum is a Crown corporation, and following the Government of British Columbia guidelines, put a request for proposal on BC Bid. Catering companies who complied with the requirements of the bidding process were evaluated according to the policy and a three-year contract was awarded to caterers who met the criteria.

Do we need to get a liquor licence for our event?

No, the museum has a liquor licence.

Can we bring our own liquor?

No. A requirement for our liquor licence is that all liquor is purchased and served in accordance with BC Liquor Control Board policy.

Why are there some areas where no red wine (or beverages) or red sauces are allowed?

The acids and composition of these have the potential to stain and/or damage artifacts if spillage occurs.

Do we need to rent equipment or does the museum have equipment?

Tables, chairs and equipment having to do with food and beverage service are to be negotiated with the caterers. Audiovisual and similar equipment is available from the museum. The list is included in the rental contract and will be post billed.

What are the capacities for each area?

Capacities vary depending on what kind of an event you are doing (stand-up reception, grazing stations or a sit-down dinner). Each event is different.

What is included in the rental fee?

The services of the museum event coordinator, a technician, normal security and cleaning. Any additional services such as special security, a sound system or audiovisual equipment will be post billed. The client must negotiate with the caterer and any entertainment.

What about entertainment at the event?

The museum has a list of entertainment providers who have previously entertained in the galleries. Additional entertainment may be brought in, but it must be cleared by the museum event coordinator. The museum reserves the right to approve entertainment. All entertainment must be respectful of the protocols involved and the museum's reputation.

May we have a fundraiser at the Museum?

The Royal BC Museum does not raise funds for other organizations.

May we sell goods at our event?

No, this would be a conflict of interest for our gift shop.

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