Sacred Journey: Travelling Exhibit

May 5–October 29

An ancient tradition nearly lost to history, Sacred Journey tells the story of the repression and resurgence of ocean-going canoes and their vital link to the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

This traveling exhibit shares First Nations and Native American Tribes stories of their healing journey, as told by leaders in today’s canoe resurgence. Sacred Journey combines art, immersive audio, video displays, and interactive experiences for a breathtaking showcase of the strength and determination of First Nations culture.

Produced by SeeQuest Development Co, Greencoast Media, and Heiltsuk Tribal Council, Sacred Journey is an exhibit that tells the story of the resurgence of Northwest Coast canoe cultures.

Featured alongside Sacred Journey will be a photo series on Bákvḷá, a Heiltsuk word that loosely translates as “gathering and harvesting food for winter.” The Bákvḷá photos are interpreted by Heiltsuk elder and residential school survivor Margaret Brown, one of the last fluent Heiltsuk-language speakers in the world.

The series is co-produced by the Heiltsuk Nation and co-curated by Frank Brown, Ayla Brown, and Vina Brown, of the Heiltsuk Nation, and William Knight of the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum.