British Columbia's War


A travelling exhibition by the Royal BC Museum

250 square feet

The Royal BC Museum dug deep into its collections to unearth powerful material about the Great War and create a travelling exhibition that can set up camp at your venue.

The aim of this bilingual exhibition—British Columbia’s War, 1914–1918—is to educate British Columbians about the contributions of their forebears in the First World War.

Using archival photographs, fascinating stories and images of artifacts, the content includes:

British Columbia before the war

  • Patriotism, racism and enlistment
  • First Nations and Japanese-Canadian war heroes
  • Life at the front and in key battles at Ypres and Vimy Ridge
  • Our war at sea, from BC’s submarines to Nelson’s heroic sailor
  • Our war in the air, from Raymond Collishaw—Nanaimo’s flying ace—to logging Haida Gwaii Spruce for aircraft materials
  • Women at war, overseas and on the home front
  • What war meant to British Columbia’s children
  • Peace and the problems of returning veterans
  • How British Columbians remember war and loss

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