Between Us: Adad Hannah’s Social Distancing Portraits

On March 14, 2020, at the outset of a global pandemic, Canadian artist Adad Hannah took to the streets of Vancouver to record this pivotal moment in time. Over the span of a year, he created 237 video portraits of everyday people that capture our heart, our solidarity, and our resilience. This exhibition from the Royal BC Museum presents our shared experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic through a series of video portraits.

Hannah’s series captures the trajectories of our experiences, from the first weeks of uncertainty in our homes, to the societal ruptures brought to the fore by the Black Lives Matter movement, to our hesitant and choreographed returns to work and school, all the way through to the vaccine rollout.

With individual sound compositions that can be uplifting, unsettling, or serene, alongside personal narratives from his sitters, Hannah’s series personifies our varied emotional journeys.

The Artist

Adad Hannah creates serial artworks in installation, video, and photography. He draws upon the history of early photography and cinema to situate and examine media’s role in art.

For this exhibition, Hannah worked with composers Brigitte Dajczer and Daniel Ingram to create the individual soundscapes for each video tableau-vivant.

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