Aliens Among Us

Aliens Among Us is a travelling exhibition about British Columbia’s invasive species. The exhibition invites visitors to interact with some of the province’s best-known (and least-loved) invasive species. There are over 4,000 alien species in the province and that number grows each year. Some of these aliens are invasive—they spread quickly, threaten native wildlife and are hard to control.

What are Aliens?

All plants and animals in British Columbia came from somewhere else. Native species migrated here on their own, most of them after the continental glaciers melted. Alien or exotic species came here with the help of humans. Most aliens arrived since the time of the first European settlers, about 160 years ago.

Native plants and animals have settled into their habitats gradually. Each has found its place and contributes to the well-being of the ecosystem. An alien species that arrives suddenly in an ecosystem does its best to survive and then to thrive. Most don’t do well. The problem comes from the few that flourish—the alien species that enjoy BC’s environment so much that they become invasive and push out or eliminate native species, sometimes destroying whole ecosystems.

Aliens Among Us travelling exhibition schedule:

This exhibition is not currently on display