Camp(ish)- Design. Refine. Define.

The world is shaped by design, from what we sit on to what we watch to how we comb our hair. The choices that designers make can influence how and what we do in the world. There is power behind a good design, but did you know that the finished product can take hours of tweaks and do-overs?

This digital camp will look at examples of design in artwork and historical collections, exploring inclusivity, problem-solving, aesthetics and 3D prototyping. Campers will learn basic engineering principles through hands-on making and move to computational thinking by exploring CAD (computer-aided design),before finishing off the week with a complete 3D printed piece.

This weeklong camp has been co-created by the Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George and the Royal BC Museum.

To take part during this Camp(ish) week, you'll need a device with 4GB RAM to operate the online programs used, as well as access to Zoom video conferencing. Materials for activities will be common household items, and a list of what is needed will be sent out prior to the week.

Ages 9-12


  • See the gallery spaces of both the Royal BC Museum and Two Rivers Gallery, as well as behind the scenes
  • Meet a variety of staff of the Royal BC Museum and Two Rivers Gallery and get a peek at the design studio and Exhibit Arts areas.
  • Meet 3D print designers
  • See a 3D printer and laser cutter at work
  • Make a virtual museum display

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