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Tell Us Your COVID-19 Story

We’re all in uncharted territory.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of almost everyone in BC. It’s disrupted our daily routines, changed the way we interact in relationships and with nature and sparked unexpected shifts in community life.

The museum and archives is gathering BC’s pandemic stories in real time and hopes to build a longer-term collecting project to capture this legacy. We want to hear from you. What do you think should be collected, and how do you think BC communities will want to remember this historic time?

The Royal BC Museum has a responsibility to collect and document history as it happens. We recognize that we’re living in historic times, and we want to ensure that the legacy created reflects what you think is important to remember.

So we’re collecting perspectives, photos, videos and mementoes that will help tell the story of this moment for future generations.

Right now we’re collecting information and experiences. Please contribute via our online submission form. Tell us what you think should be captured for the future.

What do you think will best tell generations to come who we were, what we lived through and what we experienced in our homes and in the great outdoors? What have your experiences with nature been?  Are you seeing changes in nature? 

You can send us a few lines, a link to a tweet, a photo or a poem.

(But don’t send us objects—we, like most of you, are working from home, so we can’t accept material items quite yet.)

We may be staying apart, but let’s use this as an opportunity to stay connected.


We thank everyone for their contributions, questions and insights. The Royal BC Museum reserves the right to decide whether or not any materials or perspective you share will be included in its permanent collection at its own discretion. 



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