Partner School Project

What is it?

The Partner School Project is a program designed to cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships with schools, educators and students. Selected classrooms embed within the museum institution/ structure for an entire school year. The culmination of the engagement is an intervention within the core galleries. In this way, the project provides a fresh youth perspective on ideas within or missing from the museum.

2015/ 2016- Partnership with the Flexible Studies program at Reynolds Secondary. 80 students were challenged to consider what Truth and Reconciliation means within a museum context. The final projects were in the First Peoples gallery, the Becoming BC gallery, the Natural History gallery and in the main lobby of the museum. 

2016/2017- Partnership with both Oak Bay High School and Monterey Middle School. The driving question was 'How can understanding the health and history of a local stream ecosystem guide our future relationships to the world around us?' The intervention was on display in the Natural History gallery for the summer of 2017.

2017-2018- Partnership with Spectrum Community School and Cedar Hill Middle School.

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