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Teacher Professional Development Sessions

In partnership with community educators, the Royal BC Museum Learning team will provide a series of professional development opportunities for teachers to:

  • create better learning tools
  • conduct self-guided tours
  • learn to access our collections and archives (onsite, online, and offsite)
  • participate in a dynamic think tank

Visit our online calendar for upcoming opportunities. 

Big Blue and You

Join Ocean Networks Canada and the Royal BC Museum to learn all about orcas through an inquiry approach. Bring ocean literacy and stewardship topics into your classroom with the resources we'll be sharing featuring:

  • Inquiry ideas and provocations for classes (Gr 4-6 and 7-9)
  • Key information about orca ecotypes
  • Hydrophone data activity
  • Debate activity
  • Researcher profiles
  • Online resources

Ask us to present virtually at your next District Wide Professional Development Day by contacting lhudson@oceannetworks.ca 

Download our poster 

Special Exhibitions

Permanent Gallery Self-Guided Resources

Teacher Generated Guides

We are hoping to build a library of learning plans that teachers have created while engaging with the Royal BC Museum. If you have any that you would like to pass along, please do.

Ocean Literacy by Courtney Johnstone

Past Teacher Guides

Below you will find teacher resource guides to past docent-led programs. Though we are not offering them anymore, the guides can be a resource for your self-directed visit. Inside the guide you will find background information, program itinerary and pre- and post-visit activities.

Gold Rush! Teacher’s Guide (Français)


Near or far, learn more about our outreach kits for use in your classroom.

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