Partner School Project

What is it?

The Partner School Project is a program designed to cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships with schools, educators and students. Selected classrooms embed within the museum institution/ structure for an entire school year. The culmination of the engagement is an intervention within the core galleries. In this way, the project provides a fresh youth perspective on ideas within or missing from the museum.

2015/ 2016- Partnership with the Flexible Studies program at Reynolds Secondary. 80 students were challenged to consider what Truth and Reconciliation means within a museum context. The final projects were in the First Peoples gallery, the Becoming BC gallery, the Natural History gallery and in the main lobby of the museum. 

2016/2017- Partnership with both Oak Bay High School and Monterey Middle School. The driving question was 'How can understanding the health and history of a local stream ecosystem guide our future relationships to the world around us?' The intervention was on display in the Natural History gallery for the summer of 2017.

2017-2018- Partnership with Spectrum Community School and Cedar Hill Middle School. Throughout the year, Indigenous students from both schools visited the First Peoples gallery to explore their unique identities in photography and writing, examining their complex, rapidly changing world and the lenses through which they see it. Their emerging artistic voices began to demand audience, offering a simple yet powerful statement: I am here. In establishing their presence, they transformed their artistry into teachings about their need for recognition, cultural understanding, acceptance and belonging.


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