TEMOSEṈŦET (Charles Elliott)

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TEMOSEṈŦET is a member of the Tsartlip First Nation. He lives and works in Brentwood Bay on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. As a young artist, Charles carved designs on the bark of cottonwood trees and styled his own small poles and model canoes with coaching from his father, mother and uncles.


At the beginning of his practice, he conducted research and studied Coast Salish historical items and designs. He is one of the pioneers of the revival of Salish art, and an inspiration to many generations of artists of all backgrounds.

For four decades, Charles has been creating traditional ceremonial wood carvings and contemporary Coast Salish designs and artworks. Through his work, Charles expresses an unwavering commitment to the visual language of his own people. Charles is an internationally recognized master carver and artist in the Coast Salish traditional style; his works are in private and corporate collections worldwide.


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