Osoyoos Lake, South Okanagan
Photo: Rob Cannings

The Royal BC Museum launched its regional outreach program Living Landscapes in October 1994 with a focus on the Thompson - Okanagan region of south-central British Columbia.

Titled, Living Landscapes...Thompson-Okanagan: Past, Present, & Future, the purpose of the initiative was to work with community organizations, educators, First Nations, naturalists, historical societies, museums and others in encourage the exploration of their local cultural and physical environments.

Douglas Lake Ranch, Nicola
Photo: Brent Cooke

Through this initiative the Royal BC Museum partnered with Okanagan University College to develop on-line public access to project results through the Internet. The initial Living Landscapes/Thompson-Okanagan regional website was launched in 1996 and was jointly maintained until April 2002.

To maintain access to many of the original components of the earlier Thompson-Okanagan Living Landscapes regional website, they have been reformatted and presented here under the categories of Human History and Natural History. Projects of specific interest to teachers are grouped under the category of Education.

One of the most exciting outcomes of the Living Landscapes program is the catalytic effect that it had on regional participants which include a broad cross-section of people with different vocations, avocations and community affiliations. We extend our thanks and appreciation to the our regional supporters throughout the Thompson-Okanagan; and we continue to be interested in hearing about research and educational initiatives that reflect local perspectives on the human and natural history of the Thompson-Okanagan region.

Living Landscapes
Royal British Columbia Museum