The purpose of this census project is to make available on-line the nominal census data for the southern interior of the Province of British Columbia. Thus far we have posted data from the following censuses:

  • 1881 Canada Census, Yale District, BC;
  • 1891 Canada Census, Yale District, BC;
  • 1877 Indian Reserve Commission Census (IRC), southern interior of BC; and
  • 1877 Okanagan (Native) Census taken by missionaries, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI).

For information on using the censuses and about individual censuses, see About Census Information.

These databases are searchable on-line by three methods: browsing through the database, searching by name, or applying filters as one would when using a database.

  1. Browsing: A researcher is advised to use the browsing method where the database is small, when a community context is desired, or where spelling of the individual's name is variable. For example, the spelling of Native peoples' names in English was done phonetically and arbitrarily and therefore spellings are inconsistent between censuses. With this searching method researchers are requested to select the appropriate census and to supply a Record Number at which to begin browsing. To avoid having to browse the entire database, check About Census Information for information on the range of Record Numbers for various communities. For information on applying this method, and for a list of the Record Numbers in each district see Using the Browse tool.
  2. Name searching: When a researcher is looking for an individual whose name is known, the name search method may be appropriate. Using surname, given name, or both names, this search engine will supply matches for any string of characters. A feature of the search tool is that once the individual has been located, one can broaden the search to include that individual's entire family by clicking on the highlighted Family Number. Alternatively, one could take note of the individual's Record Number and then use the Browse search method. For more information on using this method see Using the name Search tool.
  3. Applying filters1881, 1891: This search method is designed for social science researchers who want to isolate subsets of the population based on characteristics reported in the census. For example, a researcher could isolate all Chinese-born, male, domestic and service workers in the Spallumcheen sub-district. Currently, only the 1881 Canada Census, Yale District, and the 1891 Canada Census, Yale District, are searchable using this method. For more information on using this method see Instructions for applying filters.

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