Peace River - Northern Rockies

Peace River near Farrell Creek, 2002.
Photo: Brian Churchill.

The Royal British Columbia Museum is currently focusing on the fourth phase of its province-wide Living Landscapes program in the Peace River - Northern Rockies region. Working in cooperation with local research partners and the assistance of a Regional Advisory Panel, we look forward to exploring a wide range of topics over a three-year period, from January 2003 through December 2005.

Our primary vision for this initiative, developed through a regional workshop, is to: provide a learning window on the northeast; raise awareness of its human and natural diversity and emphasize the importance of our northern heritage to the province as a whole; and to foster local pride and appreciation, particularly among the young.

Zoo Valley, Muskwa Ranges, 1996.
Photo: Brian Churchill.

The Peace River - Northern Rockies region encompasses the vast area of the northeast extending from the Yukon and Alberta borders to the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in the south, and Cassiar Mountains in the north.

Overviews for research projects underway can be found under the general headings of Natural History and Human History. When projects are completed, summary reports will be added to this site.

One of the most exciting outcomes of the Living Landscapes program is the catalytic effect that it had on regional participants which include a broad cross-section of people with different vocations, avocations and community affiliations. We extend our thanks and appreciation to the our regional supporters throughout the Peace River-Northern Rockies; and we continue to be interested in hearing about research and educational initiatives that reflect local perspectives on the human and natural history of the Peace River-Northern Rockies region.

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