Columbia Basin

Upper Columbia River, 1998.
Photo: Robert Cannings.

The Columbia Basin of southeastern British Columbia encompasses the drainages that feed the Columbia River system including the Kootenay River in the east and the Kettle Valley in the west. In1997 the Royal BC Museum in partnership with the Columbia Basin Trust, co-sponsored more than 30 research and public education activities to launch the program across the region.

Projects supported by Living Landscapes: Columbia Basin have been compiled here under the categories of Natural History and Human History. Projects of specific interest to teachers are grouped under the category of Education.

Access to all these projects assists the Royal British Columbia Museum and the Columbia Basin Trust in achieving their respective missions.

The Royal BC Museum has a mission to explore and preserve British Columbia's Natural History and Human History, to inspire curiosity and wonder, and to share our story with the world.

Columbia Lake, 2000.
Photo: Robert Cannings.

The Columbia Basin Trust is a regional corporation created in 1995 to work with residents of the Columbia Basin to promote social, economic and environmental well-being in the region most affected by the Columbia River Treaty.

One of the most exciting outcomes of the Living Landscapes program is the catalytic effect that it had on regional participants which include a broad cross-section of people with different vocations, avocations and community affiliations. We extend our thanks and appreciation to the our regional supporters throughout the Columbia Basin; and we continue to be interested in hearing about research and educational initiatives that reflect local perspectives on the human and natural history of the Columbia Basin region.

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